Boston-bound tour bus crashes, makes 3 this month

Every day countless people put their safety in the hands of bus drivers while traveling to and from work or venturing longer distances. However, after this month, people might think twice before stepping on a tour bus.

This week, the Boston Globe reported that following the crash of a Boston-headed tour bus in New Hampshire on Monday, the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate to see if there is any correlation to the other recent bus accidents in New York and New Jersey.

The tour bus crash in New Hampshire early this week was the third serious crash of a tour bus in the northeast this month. On March 12, 15 people were killed when a tour bus on its way to New York City from a casino in Connecticut smashed into a sign pole just before reaching its destination. The next week, a tour bus in New Jersey crashed en route from New York City to Philadelphia. The driver and a passenger were killed, and dozens of passengers were injured.

The most recent accident occurred this week when a tour bus filled with Korean tourists traveling from Canada to Boston tore down an embankment and landed on its side when its driver lost control of the bus on Interstate 93 in New Hampshire. Luckily, no one was killed in this accident, but several passengers sustained injuries.

The three serious tour bus crashes are quite enigmatic as a spokesperson for the National Transportation Safety Board said that the agency usually only does a handful of bus crash investigations per year.

The spokesman said that the agency will look for similarities amongst the three crashes this month in its effort to provide some answers to the public.

Resource: The Boston Globe, “NTSB investigating NH bus crash,” Associated Press, 3/23/2011.