A recent study indicates that there might be some accuracy issues when it comes to data regarding drunk driving fatalities.

Having accurate data regarding drunk driving deaths is very important, as drunk driving fatality data impacts what our view is of the true human cost of drinking and driving and is used by researchers when trying to look at how different things impact the occurrence rate of drunk driving deaths.

The study, which was recently published in the “Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs,” indicates that alcohol often isn’t listed as a contributing factor on the death certificate of individuals who were killed in auto crashes in which they were drunk. The study’s researchers believe that this may be resulting in alcohol-related traffic fatalities being significantly underreported in data based on death certificates.

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One type of medical device that is becoming increasingly common here in the U.S. are joint replacement devices. According to a recent study, around 7 million Americans have either a knee replacement or a hip replacement. This works out to over 2 percent of the country’s population. It is anticipated that this number will continue to rise.

A likely contributor to the growing popularity of joint replacement devices is the success that such devices have shown at helping with certain types of joint pain. Many people suffer from joint pain and such pain can impact a person’s life significantly. Knee and hip replacements have led to significant quality of life improvements for some joint pain sufferers.

One hopes that, as the use of hip and knee replacements becomes more and more common, manufacturers of such medical devices will do everything they can to ensure that the devices they produce are free of faults. For, just as a properly working joint replacement device can be a very helpful thing, a defective one can be very harmful. Life-changing injuries can occur when a joint replacement device implanted in a person contains defects.

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As our readers have likely heard, an accident recently occurred involving the Green Line of Boston’s subway system.

The accident happened early in the afternoon on March 10. A Green Line trolley that was traveling near Kenmore Station derailed and struck a tunnel wall. The accident resulted in 10 people getting hurt. These individuals were brought to a hospital following the crash.

What caused this public transportation accident? According to the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, the cause was driver error. The MBTA says that they found through an investigation that the driver of the trolley had failed to comply with requirements regarding signals and speed. Purportedly, the driver has since been fired.

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The actions of a motorist can change a bicyclist’s life in an instant. Thus, it is of the utmost importance that drivers make sure to not engage in careless conduct, such as driving too close to a bicycle, when they share the road with bicyclists.

The matter of whether a given bicycle accident was caused by motorist negligence is one of the things personal injury attorneys can conduct investigations into for accident victims. Whether or not motorist negligence was a factor in a given collision between a car and a bicycle can have significant impacts on the issue of liability.

Currently, a technology is being developed that is aimed at helping prevent bicycle accidents. Four mechanical engineering students from Northeastern University are the technology’s developers. The technology is called the Interactive Bicyclist Accident Prevention System and it could be referred to as a “smart bike” system. The system is a pair of sensor-containing consoles that are to be put on a bicycle’s rear and front.

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If someone were to survey readers about who they think are the worst drivers, one of the typical responses may be the elderly. Our older generations are sometimes seen as slow to react when it comes to driving, but a recent study shows these ideas may not hold much water.

The study shows that drivers that are 70 and over are actually less likely to be seriously injured or killed in an accident and less likely to be involved in a crash than previous generations. That is especially true for those aged 80 and over.

Researchers say this may be because our older generations are getting healthier and our vehicles are getting safer.

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This winter has been a particularly cold one here in the United States. In such conditions, some individuals here in Massachusetts have likely found keeping the house warm to be a somewhat bigger challenge than usual. One device that some individuals sometimes buy to help keep the house warm during the winter season are space heaters.

It can be a serious matter when space heaters intended for home use contain faults. Given that such devices contain heating elements, faults can sometimes cause space heaters to become dangerous fire hazards.

Recently, concerns regarding fire risk have led to a recall of a certain model of Duraflame-brand electric space heater. The model in question is the DSF-220 model. The model was sold nationwide. The number of heaters covered under the recall is upwards of 30,000. Under the recall, individuals who own a heater covered by the recall are instructed to unplug and stop using the heater and contact the product’s manufacturer, Twin-Star, about how to get a refund.

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Sadly, home explosions sometimes occur in which people are killed. Careful investigations of cause can be very important when it comes to fatal home explosions. Many different things can lead to home explosions occurring, including: fuel leaks, chemical reactions, defective electrical equipment and misconduct by gas/energy workers or companies. What legal options the family of a person killed in a Massachusetts home explosion has can very quite a bit depending on what an explosion’s cause was. Personal injury attorneys can look into the circumstances around a fatal explosion for the families of victims and can explore potential options for seeking relief.

Recently, a lawsuit was brought in another state in relation to a fatal home explosion.

On June 11, 2013 a home in Texas exploded. A 65-year-old woman who was a resident of the home, her 55-year-old sister-in-law and the sister-in-law’s young grandson were at the house at the time of the explosion. The two women were fatally injured in the explosion and the young boy suffered serious burn injuries.

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Sometimes, Massachusetts businesses will hire security personnel for their premises. The presence of such personnel can be of great help in protecting patron safety. However, when businesses fail to take proper steps to ensure that security guards that they have hired act properly in their interactions with patrons, there is the potential that such personnel could actually put the safety of individuals at risk. Fatalities can sometimes even result from improper conduct by security guards at a business.

A wrongful death case has recently arisen involving alleged actions by security guards. The case involves a mall in another state, Michigan.

One day, a scuffle occurred between security guards at the mall and a man who purportedly had gotten into some altercations at a mall jewelry store.

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There are certain jobs that have a greater degree of inherent danger associated with them. One such job are tower climber positions. Tower climbers are workers who, as part of their job, go up communication towers, like cellphone towers, in order to perform work on them. Workplace safety is of the utmost importance in such higher-danger industries, as work accidents in such industries can have utterly devastating results.

The fatality statistics for tower climbers from last year and the start of this year are a cause for alarm. Thirteen tower climbers died on the job in 2013 and there have been four such deaths in the opening five weeks of 2014. This reverses a brief slowdown that had been occurring when it comes to fatalities in this industry.

Another thing that has been occurring when it comes to communication towers in recent times is that there has been a rush to upgrade such towers to include LTE technology.

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The visible wounds from cat bites tend to be fairly small and not nearly as gruesome-looking as the wounds from dog bites. This can lead people to assume that cat bites lack the potential to be very harmful. Such an assumption would be wrong.

One of the major health risks that can go along with cat bites are infections. The puncture-like nature that cat bites generally have can make them particularly effective at injecting infection-causing bacteria into a person. Infections caused by cat bites can have serious effects on a person; in some circumstances, they can even lead to a person needing to undergo surgery.

A recent study underscores the potentially serious nature of cat bites. The study, which was conducted by researchers from the Mayo Clinic, focused on 193 individuals who suffered a cat bite on their hand and ended up seeking out treatment for the bite. During the study, around a third of these cat bite victims ended up getting into a serious enough condition that they required a hospital stay. Of the cat bite victims that required a hospital stay, around two-thirds ultimately needed surgery in relation to infections they suffered from the bite.

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