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2 electrical linemen killed in crane accident

Electrical linemen can face many hazards in their line of work. Fall hazards and shock hazards are among the hazards such workers sometimes face. When an electrical lineman falls from a significant height or is shocked while working, the results can sometimes be fatal. Thus, fall and shock prevention is something that one would hope that all employers of electrical linemen would put a great deal of focus on and resources and energy towards.

Recently, a fall at a work site in Bourne killed two electrical linemen. On April 12, the two were at the end of the boom of a crane, performing work on a power line tower. The crane's boom was extended out around 140 feet. The crane then tipped, and the two workers fell into a hole. A fire official has said that the fall may have been as big as a 170-foot fall.

Myths persist about the safety of hands-free devices

The results of a recent poll performed by the National Safety Council (NSC) reveal that 80 percent of Americans polled believe that using hands-free devices to talk, text or email is safe. In fact, the majority of those polled specifically stated that they use hands-free devices instead of handheld ones for safety reasons.

At first blush, it seems that hands-free should be safer; it is reasonable to think that not having to hold the phone, not glancing down at its screen and keeping both hands on the wheel is safer. Most people would be surprised to learn that more than 30 studies have conclusively shown that talking, texting, emailing and updating social networks from a hands-free device is just as dangerous as using a handheld one.

Should speed limits be raised in Massachusetts?

Driving at an excessive speed sometimes contributes to serious auto accidents. Lowering the amount of time a driver has to react to things, reducing a driver's control of a vehicle and increasing the severity of a collision in the event one does occur are among the things that driving at an unsafe speed can do. Thus, speed is one of the things to look into when trying to figure out what played a role in a given auto accident and who is liable in relation to the crash.

Given the interplay that sometimes occurs between speed and car accidents, serious debates often arise in relation to proposals to raise a speed limit. Such a debate has arisen regarding a bill here in Massachusetts.

Natural gas line repair bill passed in Massachusetts Senate

Gas explosions can cause serious injuries and deaths. One of the things that can cause such explosions are gas leaks. Thus, one would hope that all gas companies would be taking proper steps to prevent and repair leaks. Individuals who have been hurt by or who have had a loved one die in a gas explosion that came about due to negligence by a gas company may have options for monetary recovery.

Concerns have arisen that not enough is being done to address leaks within Massachusetts' natural gas pipeline system. It has been estimated that the system contains around 20,000 leaks. A member of the state senate has said that gas utility companies are not taking proper steps to repair leaking lines.

Madame Tussauds sued by woman over burns

Recently, in another state, a woman has claimed that a business’ negligence resulted in an attempt by her to get a souvenir for her wedding anniversary turning into her suffering burn injuries.

The woman says that she and her wife went to Madame Tussauds in Times Square as part of their celebration of their two-year wedding anniversary. The woman claims that while they were at this wax emporium, she and her wife decided to have a wax mold made of their hands making a heart shape as a souvenir for the occasion. According to the woman, part of the process of making a mold at the wax emporium involves placing one’s hand in heated wax.

Boston hit-and-run kills cyclist

Yesterday, a fatal bicycle accident occurred in Boston.

Early yesterday afternoon, an individual was riding a bicycle in the Charlestown neighborhood. Then, a collision occurred between the bicycle and a garbage truck at the intersection of Spice Street and Cambridge Street. The bicyclist was killed in this collision. The boston.com article which reported this story did not mention if police have yet made any findings regarding how this accident occurred.

Building collapse at Boston construction site injures 3

A recent construction accident in Boston left three workers hurt, one seriously.

The accident happened at a construction site in Boston's Theater District. An apartment building is being constructed at the site. On the morning of March 20, this under-construction building partially collapsed. The collapse started with a dead load on the building's 12th floor and ended up impacting floors all the way down to the 5th.

Battery-powered doll with overheating issues recalled

Dolls have been a popular children's toy for a very long time. Over the years, dolls with all sorts of different features have come out. These days, many dolls contain battery-powered features, such as lights and sounds. It is very important that such dolls not contain any defects in their electrical systems. Defects in a doll's electrical systems could cause a doll to become a burn-injury hazard. A child being exposed to something as serious as burn injuries by a toy is something that one would hope would never occur.

Recently, burn-risk concerns led to Wal-Mart recalling a certain type of battery-powered doll. The doll is called the My Sweet Love/My Sweet Baby Cuddle Care Baby Doll. Among the doll's battery-powered features are that it makes coughing and babbling noises and that its cheeks turn red. These dolls were made by a Chinese manufacturer. Wal-Mart started selling the dolls in 2012.

Are death certificates underreporting drunk driving deaths?

A recent study indicates that there might be some accuracy issues when it comes to data regarding drunk driving fatalities.

Having accurate data regarding drunk driving deaths is very important, as drunk driving fatality data impacts what our view is of the true human cost of drinking and driving and is used by researchers when trying to look at how different things impact the occurrence rate of drunk driving deaths.

Knee/hip replacements becoming more and more common in the U.S.

One type of medical device that is becoming increasingly common here in the U.S. are joint replacement devices. According to a recent study, around 7 million Americans have either a knee replacement or a hip replacement. This works out to over 2 percent of the country's population. It is anticipated that this number will continue to rise.

A likely contributor to the growing popularity of joint replacement devices is the success that such devices have shown at helping with certain types of joint pain. Many people suffer from joint pain and such pain can impact a person's life significantly. Knee and hip replacements have led to significant quality of life improvements for some joint pain sufferers.

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